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Nimson Shepherd

Here is a rather unusual project which I started way back. It had taken up residence in an alcove at the back of my studio and every couple of weeks I dusted it down before another sitting. Luckily there was no deadline! At the moment I have not given this painting a title so it goes by the nickname which my daughter has bestowed 'The Ugly Goblin Painting'.

I started with a detailed charcoal sketch on Canvas Board, over which I applied a detailed black and white wash which you can see coming through the background.

Between sittings I have added layer upon layer of light washes retouching and often redoing parts. I am concentrating on light and dark, drawing focus to the effervescent substance in his pot. What is he up to?

After another long hiatus I finally finished part A which I began three years previously. I would have to wait another year or two before I could start work on part B and complete the painting?.

Forward a number of years, the finished piece:

Title: 'Nimson Sheperd' (The Tooth Fairy) NFS

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Board, 45 X First Teeth (harvested from the Meyler' children), Oil Varnish.

Dimensions: 30cm x 40cm x 2cm

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