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"Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid"  Frank Zappa.

Simon Meyler


Dublin based musician Simon Meyler has been playing vocal and instrumental music for the last twenty five years.  He is comfortable playing in a variety of genres and in solo, duo or band situations as both a lead and accompanying musician.  He has performed throughout the years at folk clubs and concert venues and his graduate distinction in traditional Irish music performance has also taken his music to schools, cultural centers and workshops.  His repertoire is diverse and includes his own original compositions, classical, pop, folk along with an extensive catalog of world roots music all played with flair, taste and talent!

Black 'n White


Returning to further music study in 2011, college classmates Simon and Joe came together to form the duo 'Black 'n White'.  Between them they carry an extensive catalogue of songs and original compositions spanning many genres and tastes.




Contact Details:


For bookings and general enquiries E-mail below or phone 0876383622 

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'MANDOLINIA' Album for Sale and Download:


For secure MPS download all customers may safely purchase from cdbaby store below.  For international customers, physical purchase of CD is also available from cdbaby store.


Mandolinia is essentially a ‘mandolin album/project’, the mandolin taking centre stage as lead and main instrument on each of the twelve tracks.  An eclectic choice of colorful compositions has been chosen to demonstrate the versatility, range and expression of this little instrument.  Throughout the recordings various mandolin techniques, rhythms and alternate tunings, are showcased on some fine hand-built instruments crafted by noted luthiers.  As part of the project all lyrics, notation, sleeve notes etc. have been posted to a dedicated web-site:

'Black 'n White Album'


Simon and Joes' compilation CD featuring six original songs, traditional arangements and two original instrumentals is available at live gigs and concerts...  you can catch them in residency every Saturday evening from 9.30pm - 11.30pm:

Ten Trad Tunes


Simon's music and artwork have converged on the 'Ten Trad Tunes' project.  TenTradTunes has gathered the cream of Irish Traditional musicians and married the playing of their tunes and modern technology to produce a powerful tool for the teaching of Irish traditional music.  It simply enables students worldwide to learn tunes from master musicians using their phones, pc, tablets etc.  Simon works as both music transcriber and curator.  Check out



A selection of photos, mp3 and video... regular media posts on

Standin' Tough - Simon Meyler
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Link to 'Black 'n White' facebook page:   

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