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Ships in the Night

Began two large canvases, both seascapes and similar in composition. In both paintings I want to concentrate on movement and light. I have limited my colours to a dark palette of Ultramarine, Phthalocyanine Blue and Naples Yellow. My plan is to mix and set out my paint and brushes before starting, everything at the ready, so I can swiftly apply the paint in an effort to keep the background as loose as I can.

Having finished a feverish first sitting, I scraped away the excess paint to reveal the charcoal guidelines of the ships. When completely dry I will work on both paintings separately, consciously balancing and exploiting the spontaneous swirls and strokes of colour within the background as I work on each ship.

'Windswept A' Sold

'Windswept B' Sold

Completed both paintings, detailing ships and adding some finishing strokes of Crimson red to lead the eye of the viewer around the Canvas. A thin coat of Oil varnish and they're ready for their next voyage! (to a new home).

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