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Over the past few weeks I have been trying to get on top of my outstanding commissions. My floors are cluttered with half finished canvasses and negotiating this obstacle course has at times been trying. Apologies to all concerned and thanks for your patience (all good things come to those who wait!).

I was asked to paint 'Tripp' the pet dog of a client. I made a start back then placing some early ideas onto a square canvas, returning later to where I left off. 'Tripp' is a beautiful dog who has been a joy to paint, so much so that I got a little carried away and instead of a single painting, Ger' has ended up with a choice of five.

My brief- "I'll leave it to yourself, just do your thing" (What a guy!) It started with a couple of photographs from which, I drew up some pencil sketches-

Initially I settled on the first drawing and with a colour scheme in mind I set out my palettes-

'Tripp 1' Sold

On returning, I completed the first painting quite swiftly and during the last sitting while making some final adjustments, I noticed that I had three palettes still loaded with without haste I sketched out a second block' and continued-

Over the next couple off days I started two more' and continued painting all three in unison-

'Tripp 2' Sold

'Tripp 3' Sold

'Tripp & Tyler' Sold

Having hung the finished paintings around the house to live with them for a while, I fancied painting 'Tripp 2' again but in an entirely different palette of 'Blue and Orange'. In order to avoid any replication I covered the finished painting and started the new' from the same pencil sketch. Instead of the 'Left' I brought the light in from the 'Right-hand side' and also worked on a Canvas Board of different dimensions.

'Dog On Blue And Orange' Sold

Apart from the palette, on first glance these paintings look quite similar. Studying both a little closer however, it is interesting to note the way in which the paint has been applied - in constructing both images, the placing of brush strokes are completely different.

Enjoyed working with this 'Blue & Orange' palette and hope to explore it a little more over the coming weeks with some different subjects.

'Happy Ever After!'

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